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Vastu Colours for the House and their Significance

Are you wondering about which colors to choose for the different rooms in your house? We make it easier for you by defining the best colors for different rooms of your house as per Vaastu. The purpose of the room and the color of the room should be in sync and so different rooms call for different colors. In this article we discuss the best Vaastu colors for your house and the significance of these colors too.

Choosing the best color for study room according to Vaastu or the color for any other room is going to be super easy for you when you have these brilliant ideas to guide you. The colors according to Vaastu regulations and their significance are important to bring prosperity in your life. So, make sure to follow the guidelines with care.

Best Colors For House As Per Vastu

Yellow is the best color for study room according to Vaastu

The color bright yellow can be a very good option for your study room. The brightness of this color will definitely help your children better in their studies. You can decorate the room with some colorful books and a comfortable study table and chair. Lastly, a table clock can complete the decoration.

Light grey and light yellow combination

The combination of light grey and off white can be the best color of study room according to Vaastu. The combination of two light colors in the wall can help the students concentrate better in their studies. A small white bed along with a study table and chair can be very useful for your child during their studies.

Best color for bedroom according to Vaastu The color white can be the best color for bedroom according to Vaastu. White is the color of peace, therefore, it can help you to sleep with a calm and peaceful mind. You can decorate the room with white bed and cushions to give it a very beautiful design & décor.

You can easily paint the walls of your bedroom with light blue color, as it is the best color for bedroom according to Vaastu. It can create a calm atmosphere for your rest. The room can have a white coloured bed on the white floors. You can also have a small bedside table and your favorite magazine there.

The color pink can easily enhance the beauty of your bedroom. The pink walls can give a very beautiful feeling to you while you are taking rest. As per Vaastu, the white floor and two white lamps can be the perfect match of your bed in this room.

Many can get fascinated by the beautiful dark pink coloured walls of a bedroom. It can be a very good choice as per Vaastu as well. You can put a big white bed along with dark pink bed sheets and a dark pink floor mattress here.

The color pista green is the best color for bedroom according to Vaastu. The color green can give off the feeling of freshness. The pure white walls along with the white bed can match very well with this fresh atmosphere. A white table and some striped cushions are also a good choice for decorating this room.

White color is the color of purity and innocence, therefore according to Vaastu principles it can be a good choice for painting the walls of your bedroom. The milky white bed, cushions and bed sheets can give of the feeling of intense happiness and peace, thus making you happy all day long.

The color pink can be a perfect choice to decorate the bedroom of your little one. The color pink can make your child happy as it is one of the best color for study room according to Vaastu and the same applies for bedrooms as well. Decorate the room with a bed and pink color bed sheets and some colorful toys and books to make your child a happy soul.

The color bright yellow can easily give your bedroom a bright mood, thus making you happier. A big glass window and a white bed can be the perfect partner with this yellow wall. At last, a small white lamp and bedside table can give the decoration a complete look.

You can decorate your bedroom with the color light grey, as it is a very good choice as per Vaastu. The fine design patterns made with white creates a nice combination with the light grey wall. Two white side tables and lamps can be another good choice in this bed room.

The color sky blue can really make your kitchen very beautiful, as it is the best color for kitchen as per Vaastu. The blue color can offer you a cool and calm mind to work in the kitchen for a longer period of time. A study cabinet to hold the kitchen accessories can give a perfect look to your kitchen.

Simple green kitchen wall colour

Green coloured walls in your kitchen can help you to remain fresh and happy all day long. As per vastu, it is a very good colour to paint the walls of your kitchen. With this you can decorate the entire kitchen with some covered cabinets to store some important items.

White brick patterned kitchen wall

The brick designed white coloured walls can be very good to decorate your kitchen. White colour can reflect light, thus making the entire area a bright and blissful place for you. Decorate the kitchen with some wooden cabinets and attractive looking kitchen utensils and other necessary items.

Pure white pooja room as per vastu

You can decorate your pooja room with the peaceful and innocent colour white. The colour white can be the best colour for pooja room as per vastu as it can offer the ambience of peace and respect. Pray with a peaceful mind to get everything you want in life.

We have tried to provide you with ideas which can be considered to be the best colour for study room according to vastu. The bedroom, kitchen, and pooja room colour ideas are also carefully selected for your convenience.

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