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Steps and requirements for building proposal clearance and construction.

A common problem faced by many people is unawareness of the clearances needed from government bodies before building a home or commercial building. Below are the steps to help you out in the future. We as architects make this process very comfortable for our clients by creating an intelligent design within legal constraints.

Lets say, Rahul has saved up for his dream home and has hired Aaikya Architects to design the plan of the building for approval. The following steps are to be executed by him.

Step 1 : Fill the FORM provided by local governing/development body (SCHEDULE II of BBMP Bye-laws for Bangalore). The following proofs and certificates are to be enclosed with this filled form.

Click here to view BBMP bye-laws in detail.

a. Land Title Deed/ Possession Certificate - Rahul has to present a copy of the title deed or possession certificate of the property, issued by a competent authority.

b. Property card and latest assessment book extract - A copy of the property card along with the sketch issued by the Department of Survey and Settlement, and Land Records (City Survey) and latest assessment book extract issued by the Corporation indicating the measurements of the property.

c. Updated tax paid receipt - The receipt for having paid up to date property tax by Rahul to the Corporation shall be enclosed.

d. Previously sanctioned plan - Attested copy of the previously sanctioned plan if the application is for addition/ alteration/modification to the existing building.

e. Drawings – The following drawings in ammonia prints which Rahul will receive from Aaikya Architects. One drawing on tracing cloth / polyester tracing film shall be enclosed in addition to the ammonia prints.

- Key plan – A key plan drawn to a scale of not less than 1 in 10,000 showing the boundary locations of the site with respect to neighborhood landmarks.

- Site plan – Site plan drawn to a scale of 1:500 for sites of area upto one hectare and 1:1000 for sites of area more than one hectare.

- Building plan – Building plan drawn to a scale of not more than 1:100 showing all key aspects of the building such as occupancy, floor plan of all floors, sewage, parking arrangement etc.

f. License fee receipt – Receipt for having paid to the Corporation fund license fee as prescribed in bye-law.

g. Indemnity bond - Rahul has to present the assurance on agreement for building proposal in the form of indemnity bond on stamp paper as prescribed by the Authority.

h. Foundation certificate – Foundation certificate which certifies the fitness of foundation to bear the additional building load in respect of old buildings.

i. N.O.C - No objection certificate is to be obtained by Rahul from agencies such as sewage, electricity, fire and aviation department for a high rise building (Height >24m).

Step 2: Commence construction, once Rahul has obtained the clearance for construction he has to enter an agreement with Aaikya Architects for the construction of his home as per the approved plan. Since Aaikya Architects provides a turnkey solution of design and build of project Rahul will be given a convenient payment plan to ensure the timely delivery of his perfectly executed home.

Step 3: Rahul should register with the concerned authorities for electricity, gas, water and sewage boards (BESCOM, and BWSSB respectively for Bangalore).

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